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sanford traffic attorneysThe State of North Carolina issued more than 500,000 speeding tickets in 2017. For many people, speeding tickets and traffic violations are the most common reason they will see the inside of a courtroom. Even the best and most careful drivers occasionally make mistakes.

Whether your infraction is routine, such as a speeding ticket or stop sign violation, or a more serious violation involving passing a stopped school bus, the experienced team at Sanford Law Group can provide guidance, and representation. With our extensive knowledge of traffic laws and the infraction point system, we can evaluate your case and driving history to provide you with advice on the best course of action.

Some of the types of traffic cases we handle include:

Infraction # of Points on License
Littering involving the use of a motor vehicle 1
Moving Violations (not otherwise listed) 2
Driving through Safety Zone 3
Failure to stop for a siren (police, ambulance, fire, etc.) 3
Failure to Yield Right of Way 3
No Driver’s License or Expired License (more than 1 year) 3
No Liability Insurance 3
Running a Red Light 3
Running a Stop Sign 3
Speeding above 55 mph 3
Speeding in a school zone 3
Failure to Yield Right of Way to Pedestrian, Bicycle, Scooter, or Motorcycle 4
Following another vehicle too closely 4
Illegal Passing 4
Reckless Driving 4
Aggressive Driving 5
Passing a Stopped School Bus 5

If you have been charged with a moving violation or other traffic citation, please contact the Sanford Law Group, your Hometown Attorneys, to see how we can be of service. We approach every case with the same devotion to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Please contact the attorneys of Sanford Law Group. We pledge to treat each potential client with respect, honesty, and integrity. We are proud to serve the people of Sanford, Broadway, Lee County, and surrounding areas.