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Sanford Business Organization Lawyers

The Sanford Law Group has been helping Lee County business owners for over 40 years. Our experienced business planning lawyers provide effective legal guidance from the inception of your commercial enterprise to its dissolution or sale. If you are starting a business or are considering a reorganization of an existing company, an experienced business attorney can help.

Which business formation is right for your company?

Whether starting a new business venture or reorganizing an existing one, choosing the best legal structure for your business is very important. There are several types of entities available to you. Often in consultation with your accountants, we can advise you regarding the pros and cons of limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), corporations and other business formations currently recognized under North Carolina law. Once your business is up and running, The Sanford Law Group can help you navigate milestones such as adding partners, selling business assets, buying out a competitor, and drafting employment and noncompetition agreements.

Many licensed professionals, such as doctors, dentists, architects, accountants, must obtain special certifications from their licensing boards prior to forming a business organization in North Carolina. Each licensing board has its own set of rules concerning everything from the name of the business to whether a non-licensed professional can own an interest in the business. The attorneys of the Sanford Law Group have experience with many of these industries and can guide you in the proper creation of your professional practice.

The Sanford Law Group also provides up to date legal counsel to clients regarding requirements of the Secretary of State in establishing a new business entity. We assist Sanford area business owners in business transactions and business organization matters involving:

  • Business formation – LLP, LLC, C-corps, S-corps, non-profit organizations
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Incorporation documents
  • Buy – Sell Agreements
  • Business contracts
  • Employment Agreements
  • Business continuity planning
  • Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys also represent business clients in breach of contract claims, shareholder disputes, debt collection and other types of commercial litigation. We handle civil claims involving suppliers, contractors, customers, investors, and employees. We provide a strong voice for Lee County businesses in all types of commercial disputes.

Commercial Financing

Whether purchasing an existing business or borrowing operating capital for an existing business, we can help you with the documentation required when purchasing or financing equipment and inventory, and with the purchase or sale of retail locations, warehouses and other commercial facilities.

The Sanford Law Group is proud to serve current and future businesses owners throughout Sanford, Lee County, Harnett County, Moore County, and Chatham County. If you are considering starting, buying, selling, expanding or in any significant way altering a business, we highly recommend working with an experienced legal professional. If you would like to make our team part of your team, please contact us by phone at 919-776-4131, through our contact form or by email.

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