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Incorporated in 1874, Sanford was named for engineer C.O. Sanford who was instrumental in building the railroad lines that helped put Sanford on the map. Even before becoming a city, the area that would one day make up Sanford was important in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

NC LawyersIn 1907, Sanford and Jonesboro both became part of the newly formed Lee County, and to honor both towns, the county courthouse was established between the two areas. In 1947, a merger proved to be beneficial for both Sanford and Jonesboro, and the City of Sanford was established. The part of the new city that had formerly been Jonesboro is still known as Jonesboro Heights today.

Bricks have always been one of the hallmarks of Sanford’s industry. In 1959, six years after the Sanford Law Group was established, it was found that 10% of all of the bricks in the United States were produced in Sanford, earning it the nickname “Brick Capital of the USA”.

Since our founding in Sanford, the Sanford Law Group has always done its best to serve members of the community and make them proud. We are honored to have had clients throughout the city and surrounding areas including Broadway, Jonesboro Heights, Lemon Springs, and more.

If you have a legal concern and would like to hire an attorney in Sanford, please consider contacting the Sanford Law Group. We can be reached by phone at 919-776-4131, via email, or through our contact form. Our team of lawyers specialize in Real Estate Law and closings, Business Organization, Family Law, and Estate Planning, but can offer guidance and representation in nearly any legal matter.